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Coalport China Advent Plate Collection

This is a mint condition collector plate from the Coalport China Advent Plate collection, which was issued starting 1981. This plate is from 1986 and appears to be the second plate in the collection. The plate is fine English bone china, trimmed in 24K gold. It is about 9 1/8 inches in diameter. The plate represents an Advent calendar with 24 numbered scenes around the rim of the plate, each scene representing a day in December approaching Christmas Day. The center of the plate is scene number 25 and represents Christmas Day. In a traditional Advent Calendar, all of the days would be covered and every day someone (usually a child) would uncover one day until the last day, Christmas Day, is uncovered. This collection also includes a real Advent Calendar, made of cardstock. The scenes uncovered in the calendar match those on the plate. Also included is an envelope, used to contain the plate, marked "Not to be opened until Christmas Day". Presumably, after the whole calendar is revealed on Christmas Day, the plate envelope is opened and the calendar on the plate is revealed.

This plate is in perfect condition - no chips, cracks, or restorations. It has never been displayed or used.

The back of the plate contains the following information:

Coalport trademark
Bone China
Made in England
EST 1750

The cardstock Advent calendar is in excellent condition. Some of the day flaps have been opened, but no damage has been done.

The presentation envelope has a small tear near the top right flap.

The original presentation box is provided with each plate. The box is in very good condition. It has two stickers on the flaps.

Sale Price: $25.00

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