The Clue of the Stone Lantern


Printing Number 1950-1

This is a first printing, 1950-1, according to Clarke’s Guide to Margaret Sutton’s Judy Bolton Mystery Stories. The jacket lists to Stone Lantern on the front flap, Beverly Gray's Vacation (#19) on the back flap, and Nancy Drew Wooden Lady (#27) on the back. The book has a red cover with a tree silhouette and brown and white haunted house end papers. This book has a plain frontispiece, and it lists to the Stone Lantern inside.

The dust jacket is good to fair condition. There are chips, rubbing, and small tears on both the top and bottom edges. There is also evidence of water contact on the top and bottom edges. It has left a pink stain on the bottom edge of the back and front flaps. There is also water staining on the spine top, the back top edge, and the front and back flap tops. This can be seen in the scan.

The book is in good to fair condition. The pages are clean, bright white and firmly attached. There is a name and date written in ink on the front fixed end paper. There is no other writing anywhere in the book. The outside shows bumps, rubbing, and a little staining. See scan.

Sale Price: $40.00

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