The Talking Snowman

First Edition - 1997 Printing

The Talking Snowman is a special collector's edition. The 38 Judy Bolton mysteries by Margaret Sutton were published between 1932 and 1967, and followed the adventures of the auburned-haired Judy from teenager to wife.

Fans everywhere felt that Judy was a real person, and they loved how she and her friends grew in maturity as they navigated through mysterious situations.

The 38 Judy Bolton books were unique in that each book was based on a real story. Many fans were sad to see the series end before #39, The Strange Likeness, could be published.

Instead, years later, The Talking Snowman, a new Judy Bolton mystery, was conceived by Margaret Sutton. Co-written by Linda Joy Singleton, The Talking Snowman takes Judy back to her teenage years for one more adventure for fans to enjoy. Chronologically, it fits between books number 3 and 4 and has been given the designation 3 1/2.

This is a first printing, 1997, of The Talking Snowman. It was published in paperback form with a medium blue cover with a black line drawing illustrating the cover. This copy of the book is signed on the title page by co-author Linda Joy Singleton.

The book is in mint, unread condition. It does have a miniscule amount of shelf wear, resulting in two small rubs on the front cover - white spots above and below the cat on the front cover hinge - and three white dots on the back side of the spine, right by the number 3 1/2. Both rubs are visible in the scan.

Overall, this is near perfect and highly collectible. See scans.

Sale Price: $20.00

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