Mystery at the Crossroads

Probable first printing - 1951

This is the sixteenth book in the Dana Girls series. The series was started in 1934. This particular copy of Mystery at the Crossroads was most likely printed in 1954. This assumption is based on the books advertised on the jacket back and inside the book (Nancy Drew Ringmaster's Secret - 1953) and the 1954 copyright date in the book. The book lists to itself on both the dust jacket and inside the book, indicating that it is most likely a first printing.

This is a very nice copy. The DJ is in very good condition. Itís clean and bright with good color. There are small chips, rubs, and creases on the top and bottom edge and at the spine and flap folds. There is a larger triagular chip at the top of the spine. The jacket flaps show a little water damage (see book description below). There is a book seller stamp on the bottom of the back flap. Check out the scans to see the condition of this jacket.

The book is in very good to excellent condition. The color is excellent. The binding is tight, and all pages are securely attached. There is minimal shelf wear on the top and bottom board edges. There is a slight hinge crack, with no separation, at the front free end paper. There is no writing anywhere in the book. The most significant flaw with this book is some slight water damage on the top edge. It appears that there was a splash of water on the top edge of the book and it seeped into the book somewhat. Over half of the pages show a small watermark at the top edge. The scan below shows the worst of the water marks.

A note about the scans of this book:
My scanner adds a pink tone to the white areas of the book and jacket. It can be seen on the title page and on the jacket back. The color is actually creamy white with no pink tone.

All jackets are protected in a mylar cover to prevent damage.

Sale Price: $30.00

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