By the Light of the Study Lamp


Most Likely Printed 1952

This is the first book in the Dana Girls series. The series was started in 1934. This particular copy of By the Light of the Study Lamp was most likely printed in 1952. This assumption is based on the books advertised on the jacket back (Nancy Drew Black Keys - 1951) and inside the book (Nancy Drew Ski Jump - 1952).

This is a very nice copy of the first volume. The DJ is in good condition. Itís clean and bright with good color. There are a few small chips, rubs, and creases on the top and bottom edged and at the spine and flap folds. There is a large tear running up the right side of the front. It is taped from the underside and not very noticible from the front. I didn't realize it was there until I took the jacket out of the mylar protector to scan it. There is a pencilled 95 on the upper right corner of the front flap fold. Check out the scans to see the condition of this jacket.

The book is also in very good condition. The binding is tight, and all pages are securely attached. There is a little shelf wear on the top and bottom board edges. The color is excellent. The pages are clean and bright with no tears or dog-ears, and there is no writing anywhere in the book.

Two notes about the scans of this book:
There is a green line running horizontally along the bottom of the open book scan. That was inserted by my scanner and does not exist on the book. See the scan of the book front cover - it's not there.
My scanner also adds a pink tone to the white areas of the book and jacket. It can be seen on the title page and on the jacket back. The color is actually creamy white with no pink tone.

All jackets are protected in a mylar cover to prevent damage.

Sale Price: $20.00

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